Monday, September 21, 2009

Useful Trading Information

In the 8/7/09 issue of Outlook Profit magazine, Robert Prechter said, "news and opinions are 99 percent noise." The purpose of this blog is to present quality, unbiased market psychology analysis and to provide resources to the reader that are informative, enlightening and potentially profitable. Two high quality resources available through this blog are those of The Option Writer and Elliott Wave International.

Although not well known, The Option Writer has an extraordinary trading system and resource base. The system, P.O.T.S (Proprietary Option Trading System), aims to deliver monthly returns in the 3% range with results that can be replicated by anyone. The system returned 34% in 2006, 43.7% in 2007, and 53.6% in 2008 with no losing months! This is especially remarkable given the volatile market environment. For a low monthly membership, view their portfolio, get live trading notifications, and get access to their market commentary and options education program. The links on the top right of this screen provide access to some of their information and public blog. Also be sure to listen to the interview with its brilliant founder and CEO, Kirk.

Elliott Wave International also provides fantastic educational resources with forecasts in virtually all markets, on all scales. The column on the right contains some samples of their work. Just like The Option Writer, the work of Elliott Wave International provides superb education and strategies. No matter the market conditions, the principles of both of these companies transcend market chatter and have demonstrated their value under all circumstances. The information you gather from these resources will stand the test of time. What a great investment.

If there are any other resources I can present or anything that I can do differently, please let me know.

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