Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thursday 10/8/09 Market Update

A 1 minute chart covering the last 5 days is shown above. Little has changed since yesterday; the market continues to move higher in what appears to be wave A of (Z) of [2] or [i] of A of (Z) of [2].

A (b) or (x) wave within a larger corrective [iv] of C of (Y) of [2] wave or a larger corrective (XX) wave still unfolding are also possibilities. There is an off chance [3] has begun with the c wave of a wave (ii) flat completing soon. Breaking above 1080.15 invalidates this count.

I will be on vacation until Monday 10/19/09 so there will be no additional posts until then. My thanks to all who read and follow this blog! Good luck for now.

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