Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday 2/17/10 Market Update

A 1 minute chart is above. Given the generally sideways prices today, the Elliott wave count presented yesterday has not changed. Sideways corrections are typically 4th waves, so this appears to be either wave [4] of iii of (c) of [ii] or iv of (c) of [ii]. The count works well with the larger technical picture; consider the MACD divergence in the chart below.

The market is overbought. This should be even more apparent when wave v of (c) of [ii] completes. That final wave will take prices higher but the 1105 area should continue to provide good resistance. If it even does, wave [ii] should not cross much beyond the 61.8% retracement level above.

If wave [ii] is actually a double zigzag, another new high should still be expected because of the sideways prices today. There is a very slight chance [ii] has already completed as a double zigzag.

As a final note, note the new labellings of (v) of [i]. Rather than the entirety of wave (v) being extended, only its 5th wave probably was. The majority of wave v of (v) was retraced rapidly so this labeling makes total sense.

One final chart is above.

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