Friday, June 4, 2010

Thursday 6/3/10 Market Update

The count has been modified since yesterday's update, however corrective wave [ii] still appears to be underway. A triple zigzag is suggested above with wave b or c of (z) competing.

The waves have been very unclear, however going back to basics, there appear to be two zigzags higher from 5/25-5/27. The second clearly cannot be wave 'b' of a flat given the choppy waves that followed it. Wave 'b' of a triangle is a better possibility for the second zigzag, however the 'd' and 'e' legs look too small. Due to these issues, the uncommon triple zigzag has been chosen. Wave (xx) is wider than (x) which is not desirable. However because a triangle seems very suitable as wave b of (xx), the extra width seems reasonable (triangles are typically very wide patterns).

There are ways of forcing a 5 wave impulse on the waves (as has been done in the second alternate), but there are serious issues with the sub-waves of the impulse as well as the correction that follows. But no matter the labeling, impulse 5/25-5/27 or not, the rally since 5/25 remains highly corrective looking.

Close to 50% of [i] has been retraced, but this retracement has not yet been reached. A final push higher into the 1107-1120 zone should complete this complex wave [ii] correction. There is quite a bit of resistance in the present area.

The larger view remains unchanged.

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