Sunday, June 13, 2010

1 Year Anniversary!

Nate's Market Analysis' first post was on 6/14/2009--how time flies! This is the 267th posting on this blog; that is more posts than the the approximately 250 trading days per year!

Since this blog's inception, consistent, concise, beautiful, high quality content has been delivered to viewers at no charge. This is the only source on the Internet that has such an obsession with Elliott Wave charting detail. I do not label a count until every scale of wave visible has been considered. The result is an exceptional labeling of 1 minute charts that this site is known for with explanations of the counts presented. These explanations utilize years of Elliott Wave charting experience. It is the study of the small time scale and historical price action that adds considerable value and a greater degree of certainty to the larger count presented.

As an analyst, I take great pride in presenting unbiased views of the market. There are always ways to force a bullish or bearish slant on the market, but this adds little to no value for the reader; you deserve better. I have always had a strict interpretation of the wave principle that has helped to control emotions considerably. Using this methodology, the accuracy of my past work (all of which is available in the archives) speaks for itself. Once again, few blogs can make such a statement.

As great as the past has been, the work presented will continue to improve over time. I strive to provide the best Elliott Wave content to my readers and to test the boundaries of what is possible using the principle. As a student of the stock market, I will do things that have never been done using the principle. To me it is not enough to simply provide a wave count; it must be the best wave count, better than anyone else's.

Together let's celebrate one fine year of work! Let's make this the ultimate source for S&P 500 Elliott Wave content through readership, information, and discussion. Thank you for your loyal support and donations! What is being built here has not been possible without you.

P.S. I hope you enjoy the new look! Here is one last view of the old skin:

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