Friday, August 1, 2014

Breaking Down

Today the market analysis that I have been giving away on this blog will only be available to subscribers.  Remember the charts above are not expressing a "primary" wave count.  Here is one quote from the members' site:

"For those following my analysis, the downward action we have witnessed should not have been a surprise.  The possibility was also evident in Alan and Vic's work as well as our consensus opinion.  Two updates ago it was stated, "any sell-off getting under [ii] of 5 will likely lead to a break under wave 4 and then a test of the 1920s... buying for any time frame is currently not recommended.  In fact this is a good time to think about initiating short positions such as getting under wave [ii] of 5 support can provide.”  Then last update I wrote, "Lower prices are expected on Thursday" with the short-medium-term indicator at "bearish to strongly bearish"."

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