Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Stall at 2000

Market action the past two sessions has not prompted a change to the long-term possibilities.  In this update it was determined that best options are the one above in color and an impulse underway beginning at this month’s low that when complete will terminate a larger impulse from wave [2].  It is important to consider both possibilities equally even though the structure of the wave count in color is better structurally.

If there is a sideways correction underway since (5), a corrective wave higher since (A) is required.  There are numerous ways to describe a corrective wave beginning at (A), but the best are...

To continue reading this post with its short-term chart as well as the analysis of other great analysts, please visit  Remember that the charts you see never show the primary wave count because my analysis does not use primary or alternate options to determine the view.

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